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In Sunni Islamic law, Nikah al-Misyar (Arabic: نكاح المسيار‎ or more often zawaj al-misyar Arabic: زواج المسيار‎ "traveller's marriage") is a type of Sunni Nikah (marriage contract) that is ostensibly carried out with the objective of allowing a couple to engage in intercourse in a permissible (halaal) manner.[citation needed]The husband and wife thus joined abandon several marital rights, such as living together, the wife's rights to housing and maintenance money ("nafaqa"), and the husband's right to homekeeping and access.

The Misyar marriage is a type of marriage in which a woman waives many of the rights she would otherwise get in a regular marriage contract. Misyar is held in secret due to the circumstances of one of the spouses.

Misyaar Nikah in Wahabisiam on Express News

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SHIA kay Nikah-e-MUTA aur SUNNI kay Nikah-e-MISYAR ki HAQEEQAT? (By Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza)

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Zawaj Al Misyar Expained = There is nothing like Mutah in Islam

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