Watch Off The Record – 10th March 2016 - Mustafa Kamal & Anees Qaim Khani Interview

Altaf Husain kee ichchha hai muttaahida kaumee moovament naash ho jae. kyon ?
mustapha kamaal aur unnees sthaapit chhedachhaad ko dubee mein kin mushkilon ka saamana karana pada. ?

Aap donon apane aap ko boree band laashon se kaise buree mukti kaise kar sakate hain ? mustapha kamaal aur unnees sthaapit chhedachhaad ko kis baat ne paakistaan aane par majaboor kiya ?
unnees sthaapit chhedachhaad ka naam je aaeetee aur eeseeel mein tha , paakistaan aate hee donon laston se naam hata den. kaaran ??

Waseem mukhyabhoomi cheen kaatane mein shaamil ?
mustapha kamaal ne voshing masheen lagaee hai jo idhar aa ve doodh ka dhula , jo idhar rah jae vah ro ka ejent .. ??

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