Google Translation mein Sindhi aur Pashto samil
Ab aap Sindhi ya Pashto zabaan ka kisee aur zabaan mein tarjama karana chatay hain to ab zaida mushkil nahin bas googal ka rukh karen.

شامل سنڌي گوگل ترجمو
توهان ان کي ٻئي سنڌي يا ٻولي پشتو گوگل ۾ ترجمو ڪرڻ چاهيو ٿا ته هاڻي وڌيڪ ڏکيو ڏانهن رخ ڪيو آهي.

سندي او پښتو اضافه د ګوګل ژباړه
که تاسو غواړی چې په بلې ژبې سندي یا پښتو د ګوګل دا ترجمه اوس نور هم ستونزمن مخ اړوي.

Saying “hello” in Pashto and Sindhi just got a little easier with the addition of these and 10 other languages to Google Translate.

“With over 26 million Sindhi speakers, and over 43 million Pashto speakers around the world, speakers of these languages will now be able to type or handwrite a phrase on their phone or computer and it will be instantly translated into English, or vice versa,” Google announced on Thursday.

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