About Shorte.st: They are based on Europe link shortener. Shorte.st is an advertising network based on links that are spread over the Internet. Unlike other ad networks they don’t need even a single pixel of your precious webpage space. They simply take care of your links. Every time a user clicks a link on your website they will redirect to an intermediate page with an ad, after five seconds the visitor being taken to the destination URL.

Shorte.st Rates per 1,000 views : Their rates changes daily maybe due to advertisers demand, the rates ranges from 0.3$ - 10.00$ depending on the country where the clicks came from. Visit Here for their updated rates everyday.

Now i am going to teach you how to earn 50$ a day without doing nothing :D first of all you will have to register here

Now simply register an account and verify it then shorten any link you want and copy it :)

Now the trick >>>>>>
Download hotspot shield <<< It will change ur IP to USA IP or Tor Browser>>> for highest payout then open the link u have shortened then wait 10 seconds and click back on the browser and wait another 10 seconds and so :)

You can use any mouse recorder and do it while sleeping :) if you have more than one pc that means X2 earnings.

Payment Options for Publishers
Payment Options: Payoneer and Paypal
Payout for 1000 views :  $10,75
Minimum payout : 10$
Payment Time: Every Month 10th Date 

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