Following are important fictional characters appear in the Urdu spy novels of Imran Series originally written by the Pakistani author Ibn-e-Safi and later continued by Mazhar Kaleem.

Secret Service Members
Secret Service was originally created by Ibne Safi and improved by Mazhar Kaleem. Mazhar Kaleem named Secret Service as Pakishia Secret Service. Ibne Safi did not used the name of a country where Secret Service was belong but Mazhar Kaleem called it as Pakishia.

Ali Imran
Ali Imran is a pivotal character in Imran Series. Handsome and bright, the young-man holds M.Sc., and Ph.D. degrees from Oxford University and has extraordinary sex appeal. He appears comical and moronic, using these features to camouflage himself as a buffoon. Always shown acting stupid, insane, and funny, he keeps the readers in hysterics at his every action. He never reveals his true side to anyone. He usually dresses eccentrically; for example, a pink coat, a light green shirt, a yellow necktie, white pants, and a purple flat hat with a red rose in it is his typical apparel. Ibne Safi refers to this as Imran’s “Technicolor Outfit.”

He is son of Mr. Abdul Rahman, Director General of Central Intelligence Bureau, and as being from Genghis Khan’s bloodline, has Mongol lineage. Imran mother’s real name is never revealed, she is called as Amma Bi. Imran lives in an apartment with his two most trusted assistants: Sulaiman, the cook, and Joseph Mugunda, his bodyguard from Africa. He, most of the time, is shown driving a two-seater sports car.

Imran purposefully keeps multi facets to his personality. As Imran—Ali Imran—he acts as an opportunist who may turn either a police informer or a blackmailer as the situation demands. A perfect cover to his profession. His other most significant personality facet is the chief of the Secret Services: X-2. Only three other characters know his secret: Sir Sultan, Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs; "Black Zero," who acts as X-2 in Imran’s absence; and Roshee, a long time friend and a trusted partner. The other two personalities Imran assumes now and then are the Prince of Dhump, a warlord of a fictitious state known as Dhump, and Rana Tahavvar Al Sandooqui, a wealthy landlord and businessman.

Earlier on Imran is portrayed as a hired agent of the Secret Service, but afterwards he becomes a regular member of the agency. None of the other members had a slightest clue of his being their chief officer. They usually laugh him off and sneer at him, but as X-2, they really dread him. Safdar Saeed is Imran's favourite spook.

Imran has perfected the art of dodging bullets. It is called "Sing Art," which he learns from an international Chinese criminal, Sing Hee. Imran calls him Uncle Sing (Chcha Sing - چچا سنگ) and in return, Sing Hee refers him as nephew. His another old time foe is T3B, Theresia Bumblebee of Bohemia. Theresia has a great crush on him but Imran hardly pay heed to her rather jeer at her sentiments.

He, like Col. Ahmad Kamal Faridi, has impregnable character vis-à-vis women. He is asexual. Due to his naive appearance and innocent looks, women are smitten with him, but he usually gives them a cold shoulder.

Tahir or Black Zero
Tahir is portrayed as perhaps the most important member of the secret service. He knows the identity of X-2 and in Imran's absence plays the role of the chief to the rest of the secret service members.

In Darindon Ki Basti Imran realizes that his coworkers, mainly Juliana Fitzwater, are beginning to suspect his identity as being X-2. To permanently remove their suspicions, he decides to induct another member into the Secret Service. This spook is codenamed "Black Zero" and his existence is hidden form the other members. Unfortunately, the original Black Zero gets killed in the book. The need for such helping hand remained, however, and Imran appoints Tahir to the job. All members of the secret service know him as Mr. Tahir who is the caretaker of Rana Palace. Tahir has also appeared as a masked X-2 sometimes in front of the Secret Service members.

Black Zero is the most favourite subordinate of X-2 (Imran), but none of the members of Secret Service know about his true identity. He has been trained to replicate X-2's deep, hoarse voice; he gives orders to the Secret Service spooks, acting as X-2 when Imran is not available.

Juliana Fitzwater (Julia)
Juliana Fitzwater is another very talented member of the Secret Service, and is second in command, deputy chief. She is a beautiful Swiss girl, who was much take with her Chief, X-2 in the early days when Imran had not yet joined the Secret Services. She always desired to see X-2, though she was also afraid of him at the same time. However, when Imran joins the Secret Service, Juliana gets so impressed by his qualities that she falls for him instead. Juliana believes that Imran is X-2, and clearly mentions it to him on one occasion; Imran, shocked but, manages to cover his identity with the help of Black Zero. Imran continuously plays with her emotions that sometime appeared to be harsh, but that what the character of Imran's is all about.

Safdar Saeed
Safdar is the most active and Imran's most trusted field partner. The best thing Imran likes about Safdar is that he never questions his authority, he, actually, is a man of action rather than words. This does not necessarily mean that he is not intelligent, he just does not like to get into unnecessary arguments and gives his 110% towards the completion of the task assigned to him.

It is an ironic fact that although Imran always argues and talks back to his peers, his favourite fieldworker is one who listens and obeys. This is in contrast to Colonel Faridi who is more of a decent quiet thinker but Hameed who always argues and talks back to his peers is his favorite subordinate.

Safdar is also the only field agent, apart from Imran, who does not have a crush on Juliana Fitzwater. He is also the only Secret Service spook who is fluent in Shikrali (a language spoken in the tribal area of Shikral). Safdar Saeed is the most prominent, respectful, and loyal agent after Black Zero, and Imran relies heavily on him. Safdar respects Imran greatly, and believes that Imran has similar qualities to those of X-2.

Tanveer Ashraf
Tanveer loves Juliana but Juliana loves Imran. This thing hurts him but he continue to pursue Juliana in hope that Juliana may love him in future and detests Imran. He has pure heart and has no harsh in his heart. But he is the only member of secret service who has jealousy with Imran. This is primarily because he fails to understand why Juliana, who he has a crush on, likes rather loves Imran. His jealousy with Imran often gets in the way of his duty. His primary weakness is that he lacks patience and is very much emotional. As a result, he has been punished by X-2 on occasions. Tanveer is the most trouble-making member of the Secret Service. He has, on many occasions, either received warnings or punishment from X-2 for his negligence on duty.

But besides his jealous with Imran, on many occasions he had proven his worth. Previously in military intelligence, he is more fond of direct action.

In the book Farishtay ka Dushman, he faces a motorbike accident in the line of duty and is left permanently unable to carry on with field work, so he is transferred to another department and is replaced in the Secret Service by Sergeant Nemo.

But in Mazhar Kaleem's all novels he is still very much active.

Captain Shakeel
Captain Shakeel has a face without expression. He is known as power agent. He is a creation of Mazhar Kaleem and not of Mr. Safi. He is the person in the group who is as smart as Ali Imran and he also thinks in the same way. He was first appeared in the novel of "Makazonga" the first novel written by Mazhar Kaleem. He was transferred from Military Intelligence to Pakishia Secret Service.

She again was created by Mazhar Kaleem. She is a talented field worker with inclination toward Safder Saeed.

Zafar-ul-Mulk and Jameson (Jumman Bafati)
These are two new members of the Secret Service who were introduced in Taboot Mein Cheekh. Zafrul Mulk is the nephew of Nawab Muzaffarul Mulk. He was sent to London for higher studies with his servant Jumman; he secured master's degree in Chemistry from Oxford University. When he returned, his uncle did not appreciate his modern ideas and asked him to leave the home. His servant Jumman now known as Jameson was also expelled. Incidentally they get involved in a case and Imran discovers their strengths and they are offered to join the Secret Services. With similar physical structure, Imran sometimes uses Zafrul Mulk to disguise as himself. Jameson is very fond of Urdu classical literature and tries to speak the same language.

Captain Khawar
He is a laborious member of the Secret Service. He is also the member of Mazhar Kaleem's Four-stars.

Lieutenant Siddique
Siddique is a genius member of in the field, and also the chief of Mazhar Kaleem's four-stars.

Lieutenant Chauhan
He is very intelligent member in Secret Service and also in Four-stars. Imran likes him most of others because he is undefeatable agent on the bases of toil in the field work.

Sergeant Nomani
He is the most intelligent member in the Secret Service and also of the Mazhar Kaleem's Four-Stars Section.

Captain Jaafari
He got chucked out of the secret service because he wasn't good enough and always made mistakes. He was expelled from the services due to negligence on duty in Al Fansay (Al Fanse).

Sergeant Nashad
He also drinks. He got chucked out of the secret service because he wasn't good enough. He was expelled from the services due to negligence on duty in Al Fansay (Al Fanse).

Four-star is a creation of Mazhar Kaleem. They combats against the violent crimes rising in the Pakaisa (a fictional country of Ali Imran also created by Mazhar Kaleem). Siddique is the leader of Four-Stars. Nomani, Khawar and Chauhan are the other members of the team. This in accordance with "Mazhar Kaleem's Imran Series"; in Ibne Safi's novels, these four were ordinary members of secret service like others. They appear in many novels

Other Main Characters
Sir Sultan
He is the administrator of the Secret Service, and one of the few characters who can identify Imran as X-2. Imran reports directly to him, though at times he is irritated by Imran's complex behaviour. Nonetheless, he highly appreciates Imran for his talents, at one time even wishing that Imran had been his son. Sir Sultan is the Secretary of the Ministry of External Affairs. In the novel Raat Ka Shehzaada, Imran helps Sir Sultan by solving a case; in return he is offered a permanent position in the Secret Service. Imran, as Chief Officer of the Secret Service, reports directly to him. Sir Sultan likes Imran for his good qualities, but sometimes he too gets frustrated with Imran’s non-serious behavior. He is an old friend of Imran’s father.

An Anglo-Burmese girl who was saved by Imran in one of his cases before he became X-2. She was also one of the reasons that Mr. Rahman ordered Imran to leave the house, stating that he can't allow her to live with them. Intelligent and confident, she has helped Imran in various cases. Imran trusts her very much, and she has also known from the start that he is X-2.

Roshee's father was a businessman in Singapore, during WWII, he lost his business and Roshee became a call girl. After meeting Imran in Bhayanak Aadmi, she becomes ashamed of her profession. Impressed by her good qualities, Imran offers her a job in the Central Intelligence Bureau. Later, Imran opens up a private investigating agency with the name of "Roshee & Co. Forwarding & Clearing Agents". She works for Imran for some time, but later leaves him in Larkiyoan Ka Jazeera due to his non-serious nature. However, Imran still involves her in many cases later on. Roshee is one of the only few people who know about Imran as the Chief of the Secret Service.

Joseph Mugonda
Personal bodyguard of Imran, Joseph, an African black, is tall, well-built and an ex prize-fighter. After Imran defeated him during a case, he preferred to come under his patronage and since then, he has been extremely loyal to Imran, sometimes referring to Imran as his "father". He is a heavy drinker and highly superstitious, nonetheless, a very useful companion. His knowledge of jungles has proved to be very useful for Imran on various occasions. He also serves as Prince of Dhump's bodyguard whenever Imran assumes the role. Before meeting Imran, Joseph was a heavyweight champion. His philosophy was that whoever could knock him out; he would willingly work for the person for the rest of his life, considering that person his Boss. In Challees Aik, Baavan, Joseph serves the villain. Imran not only defeats Joseph’s boss, but he also manages to easily defeat Joseph. Since then, Joseph has never left Imran. Joseph likes to remain in a military uniform with gun holsters on each side, carrying two identical loaded revolvers. Joseph is insanely alcoholic, beginning each day by gulping down half a bottle of whiskey to "open his eyes." If Joseph does not get his ale, he goes into a deep depression and begins to act strangely; though he remains fiercely loyal to Imran, no matter what happens.

The character of Tiger is created by Mazhar Kaleem and also presented in Zaheer Ahmed's novels also. Tiger is student of Imran in Judo, martial arts, sign arts, make-up and copying voice of the key gangsters. He is titled to be the "second Imran" because his ability and skills out in field are outstandingly admissible. His real name is Rizwan and he is a Muslim. But because he has been engaged in the risky business of crime and underworld so he is nicknamed as 'Tiger'.

Tiger is not a bound agent of X2's team. He is Imran's personal acolyte and aide and his loyalties are all adhesively directed to his mentor; anybody challenging Imran is subjected to some serious treatment by him. He tries his best to act like his boss. Imran has been heard several times saying that Tiger does his job to the perfection; doing full justice to his work.

Imran lives in a modest flat, along with his cook and housekeeper, Sulaiman. Imran is always messing around with Sulaiman about the food he is going to prepare, and the conversation between them is always funny. When Imran's father Rahman Sahib asked Imran to leave the house, Sulaiman also came along with him. He is very loyal and does not like Imran’s bodyguard Joseph, who is always drunk. Later, he gets married to a girl named Gulrukh (in Mazhar Kaleem's novels Sulaiman, however, is a bachelor).

Imran always use to blame Sulaiman, he only serve him "Mong Ki Daal". He knows that Imran is X-2 and he has also performed role of X-2 in many novels written by Mazhar Kaleem. He is also Known as Prince Of Kitchen or The chief of cook's association.

Captain Fayyaz
Captain Fayyaz is the Superintendent of the Central Intelligence Bureau, under Imran’s father, Rahman Sahib, who is the Director General and is a friend of Imran. Imran occasionally calls him Super Fayyaz. Whenever he faces difficulties, he consults Imran. He, however, is also jealous of Imran and has many times attempted, though unsuccessfully, to arrest him. Despite his jealousy, he has sought Imran's help on numerous occasions. Fayyaz is not a very intelligent officer, but with the help of Imran he is able to solve numerous cases, resulting in his promotions and he rises to the position of superintendent. Besides all these facts he still remains Imran's good friend and respects his ability of detecting the villain in the end. He thinks that Imran is merely an informer or a worker of the Secret Service.

Only present in Mazhar Kaleem's novels, Master Juana was an American Negro. He was a member of an organization "Master Killers", very eminent for target killing of world's prominent personalities. Once "master killers" was hired to kill Ali Imran in (Imran Ki Maut). Juana came to Pakasia to kill Imran along with his other three killers. Master Killers could not succeed in executing Imran and at the end Juana accepted Imran as his master after a deadly fight with the later. Juana is an excellent martial arts fighter, very cruel in nature and has a strong body (like wrestler) with 7.5 feet height. Now he lives in "Rana House" along with Joseph. He also acts as personal body guard of Prince of Dhump, an alias of Imran.

Sing Hee
He is the most genius and treacherous villain who appears both in Jasoosi Duniya and Imran Series. Sing was born to a Chinese father and Mongolian mother, and is forced to leave his country after a failed coup d'état. Since then he has moved from country to country, trying to avail all opportunities to display his criminal, lustful, and avaricious nature. He is very thin in appearance with a visibly weak physique, but is actually very strong. He is famous, among those who somewhat know him, as "jonk" (leech) because of his ability to clench his enemy, leading to their suffocation and unconsciousness.

Imran first meets Sing Hee in London, in Lashoan Ka Bazaar, where Imran is conducting research in criminology. A criminal named McLawrence has terrorized the city. Imran tries to investigate the situation, and comes across Sing Hee. Sing had devised a technique by which he is able to dodge any bullets fired on him by judging the hand movements of the assailant, and moving swiftly. Sing Hee performs it in front of Imran once, and Imran asks him to do it again. That is enough for Imran to grasp the technique involved. Then Imran surprises Sing Hee by challenging him to shoot at him; Sing Hee cannot believe his eyes when he is unable to shoot Imran. Despite the fact that both characters are bloodthirsty for each other, the evil con man declares Imran to be his rightful nephew in the cunning art.

Their next meeting takes place in Joank Ki Wapsee. Now Sing is working for Zeroland. This story line continues in Zehreeli Tasweer and Baebaakon Ki Talaash. Sing Hee is unable to kill Imran, because Zeroland requires that Imran remain alive. Sing Hee is the major villain in many other novels such as Seh Rangee Maut, Muta-Harrik Dhaariyaan, Joank Aur Naagan, Halaakat Khaez, Zebra Maen, and Jangal Ki Sheheriyat. He is very brave criminal.

Whenever Sing Hee encounters Imran, he always manages to escape in the end, except in Larztee Lakeerain when Imran manages to capture him but afterwards releases him on purpose, saying that if he had caught Sing Hee in his own country, he would not have released him.

Humbug the Great
Humbug the Great is an international criminal. He has a hump on his back. He plays various roles simultaneously. Sometimes he is found in a third-rate bar flirting with the old and ugly barmaid. At the same time, he also appears as the husband of a beautiful woman, the Rani of Sajid Nagar. He is a foreign spy, who plans to start a revolution in Imran's country. Ibne Safi had written the first two novels of this storyline, Dilchasp Hadisaa and Bay-Awaaz Sayyarah, when he fell sick for three years. The third and final of the Humbug series, Daerh Matwaalay, was written after his recovery.

Theresia - Bumble-Bee of Bohemia
Ibne Safi has written many novels based around the character of Theresia or T3B. She is a very smart lady who represents Zeroland. She has the ability to change her expressions in such a manner that it becomes almost impossible to recognize her. She is very impressed with Imran's personality, in fact she is in love with him.

T3B first appears in Kaalay Charaagh. She appears in several other novels like Khoon Kay Piyaasay, Alphansay, Darandoan Ki Basti, Piyaasa Samandar, Seh Rangee Maut, Sugar Bank, Mutaharrik Dhaariyaan, Joank Aur Naagan, Halaakat Khaez, Zebra Man, Jangal Ki Sheheriyat, Zulmat ka Devta.

Professor Bogha (Urdu: بوغا) is short stature but highly learned international villain. He, once, was head of the Zeroland organization. His main line of work is smuggling of contraband along with other criminal activities mainly to raise funds for his organization. Appearing in Imran Ka Aghwa, he is killed by Theresia in Zulmaat ka Devtaa (Urdu: ظلمات کا دیوتا).

Ad Lava, Allama Dehshatnak, Alphonse and Deadly Frog (aka King Chang) are other significant notorious characters portrayed by Safi. All but Allama Dehshatnak were killed by Imran. Adélie de Savana or Louisa was French intelligence and James Harley, X-2 foreign agent, were allies of Imran but were executed by him as they turned against him.


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